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  • Do I need a referral?

    No, unless you are a veteran or would like to claim through Medicare. If Workcover or another Third Party is funding you treatment, we need to check approval prior to commencing treatment. We are happy to see Self-Managed and Plan Managed NDIS clients - just bring your NDIS number and details of where we can send invoices.

  • What do I need to bring to my appointment?
    • Bathers, towel and bottle of water.
    • Referral if you have one
    • Any Xrays or scans that you think might be relevant.
    • Your NDIS number, plan and details of where we can send invoices. (Self Managed and Plan Managed)
  • What if I don’t have any bathers?

    A lightweight, clean pair of shorts and t-shirt are fine initially but water suitable clothing such as bathers/board shorts/sunshirts are preferable. We can discuss options after your initial appointment.

  • Is the pool heated?

    Yes. Our hydrotherapy pool at Club Active is indoors and heated to 33-34°C which is considered thermoneutral (does not increase you core body temperature). This is ideal for performing light to moderate intensity exercise. It is an above ground pool but we have a chairlift up to the pool deck and into the pool for those people who struggle with steps.

  • Are there change rooms, toilets and showers in the Hydrotherapy area?

    Yes, there is a unisex toilet and disabled change room with a shower and toilet. Most clients wear their bathers under their clothes when coming for treatment then rinse and change afterwards. All clients are encouraged to shower at home before attending their appointment and may shower on the premises before therapy as well.

  • How long is the treatment session?

    The initial consultation is 60min and subsequent treatments may be 30 or 45min and are charged accordingly. 


  • What can I expect in the first session?

    During the first session, we will ask you to fill out a client information sheet and screening sheet while at reception to ensure that it is safe for you to exercise in a hydrotherapy pool. If you arrive 10-15 min before your appointment time, this can be completed. We will then assess you on land and in the water and start to work out what movement/exercise strategies are most appropriate for you. So, be prepared to get into the water at your first appointment. This first session is 1 hour long and is really about us getting to know you, working how best to help you  and developing a relationship. 

  • Are you in the pool with me?

    Each person receives individual, hands-on treatment and instruction to assist them in reaching their goals. We are in the water with you at all times. Once you are safe and confident with your program/exercises, you can attend another pool independently. We can review your progress at any time. Unfortunately, our pool at Club Active is only for therapy, not for general use. 

  • What if I cannot swim?

    The pool has rails on 2 sides and a ledge along one side. It ranges in depth from 1.1m to 1.6m.  We will be in the pool with you at all times and will certainly stay very close until you feel more confident. As part of our assessment we will assess your water safety and swimming ability to determine your suitability to attend a pool independently. 

  • What if I’m using crutches, a walker or in a wheelchair?

    If on crutches or using a wheelie-walker, we have a chairlift up to the pool deck and a chairlift into the pool. We can simply take your crutches or walker up to the deck so you can use them to walk the short distance (5m) from the stairlift to the chairlift into the pool. Wheelcairs are a bit trickier - it requies 3x chair to chair transfers as we are above ground level and do not have a ramp or hoist. Unfortunately, our pool is not suitble for all wheelchair users.

  • What if I need help with dressing, showering and getting in and out of chair?

    You will need to bring a carer with you to assist.

  • What are your fees?

    Our fees vary depending on whether you are on a GP Management Plan, privately funding or you are funded by an external souce such as workcover or NDIS. If you have any queries, please feel free to call Lisa on 0431945172 to discuss.

  • Do you see veterans and patients referred under the EPC program?

    Yes. Veterans just need a referral from their doctor. Those clients with an EPC (Extended Primary Care) Plan completed by their Doctor are eligible to claim a rebate from Medicare for up to 5 sessions per year from the date of your first session. This is for patients with chronic or complex conditions and patients must have a plan completed by their GP prior to starting physiotherapy and have the name of the company or therapist doing the treatment on the plan. If you are unsure of your eligibility, speak to your GP. We do not bulk bill and ask for payment of the gap at the time of the consultation. 

  • Can I claim your services under my private health insurance?

    Most health funds provide the same rebate as if you are having physiotherapy on land or in water (individual sessions). If you attend a class, your rebate is usually less. We do have HICAPS facilities at the pool so you will only need to pay any gap not paid by your fund.

  • Can I attend a hydrotherapy pool without you?

    Once you are safe and confident with your program, you can attend another pool independently. The pool at Club Active is only for therapy not for public use.

  • Can I wear my glasses or hearing aids in the pool?

    You can wear your glasses in the pool, as usually you will not be putting your head under water, however we recommend you remove your hearing aids.

  • Are there any medical conditions that require precautions and that I should let my physiotherapist know about prior to attending hydrotherapy?
    • If you are a diabetic, a medical check up prior to commencing hydrotherapy is recommended. It is also important you eat an hour or so before your appointment and bring some fast acting carbohydrates with you (eg. boiled sweets) in case your blood sugar level drops. (It is well known that blood sugar levels can drop significantly when exercising in water.) Checking your BGL before and after exercise is recommended, particularly initially. You may want to wear protective footwear if you have poor sensation in your feet.
    • If you suffer from asthma or angina, make sure you bring your ventolin or anginine medication with you to your appointment and this will be kept poolside.
    • If you have any open sores/wounds, these need to be completely covered by a waterproof dressing that should be applied at least 20min before your appointment. Non waterproof dressings are not suitable.
    • If you have low blood pressure, take care on exiting the pool, as your blood pressure tends to drop when exercising in a warm pool, particularly if you have spent a lot of time in the deeper end and it is a very warm day.
    • We will ask you to fill out a screening sheet at your first appointment and discuss any relevant issues at the time.
  • Under what circumstances is it not appropriate to get into a hydrotherapy pool?

    If you:

    • Feel very unwell or have a fever/chest infection.
    • Have diarrhoea or have had diarrhoea/ gastroenteritis in the last 7-10 days.
    • Have unmanageable incontinence of urine or faeces.
    • Are considered a high risk pregnancy
    • Have an unstable medical condition. For example if you have had a very recent stroke or heart attack or are suffering from severe renal or heart failure.
    • Are menstruating and have been diagnosed with Hepatitis A,B,C or AIDS
    • Have wounds that cannot be adequately covered.
    • Have had a Positive swab of MRSA in a wound
    • Are on cytotoxic therapy (chemotherapy) and are incontinent.
    • Are intoxicated

          This is a general list so please call us if you have any queries.

  • Do you only work at Club Active?

    Yes. The hydrotherapy pool at Club Active is private and suitable for individual therapy. It is cleaned using an Enviroswim ionisation system so it has a very low chlorine content (equivaent to drinking water) so is much safer for all users.