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Group Sessions

Hydrotherapy Classes - therapy sessions in small groups

All hydrotherapy classes are held at the Palm Beach Hydrotherapy Pool on the Gold Coast. A preliminary 1/2hr assessment is required to ensure you are safe to attend the classes and that the class is appropriate for you.

Fibromyalgia Classes

These classes will introduce participants to a new and innovative way of moving in water. The movements used are slow, gentle and are designed to engage the brains ability to change its response to movement (its neuroplasticity). With prolonged pain, the nervous system becomes sensitive and pain is triggered easily. This approach calms the nervous system, allows muscles that are working excessively or unnecessarily to switch off, reduces pain and enables the individual to move with greater ease. There is a focus on ability rather than disability and the individual is empowered to create and maintain change in the long term.

One of the most important parts of managing fibromyalgia is managing stress levels - winding down the nervous system and restoring some balance to the nervous system. It is the first step to breaking the cycle of pain and improving exercise tolerance and activity.

Shoulder ClassesInjured shoulder - shoulder exercises in the hydrotherapy pool Gold Coast

Moving your shoulder well is not just about stretches and exercises for strength and stability. When you reach for an object, there is a whole lot of preparation that occurs in the body the moment you decide to pick something up. The brain sends messages to the whole body via nerves to enable a coordinated, efficient action. It directs the body to activate muscles and position all joints optimally so that there is an efficient transmission of forces from bone to bone so movement occurs with minimal effort and without strain. For example, if your ribs and breastplate don’t move as you reach, there is unnecessary load placed on the shoulder and problems are likely to persist or reoccur. We believe that addressing movement patterning is an essential part of rehabilitation. The class will guide you through movement lessons that help clarify essential links in your kinetic chain to make movement easier and exercises for strength and stability more effective.

Hip and Knee ClassesInjured Knee & Hip - Knee & Hip exercises in the hydrotherapy pool Gold Coast

Whether you are suffering from arthritis, have had a knee or hip injury, waiting for surgery or have had surgery it is likely that you are moving differently as a result of pain or dysfunction. You may find walking, negotiating stairs and even getting out of a chair more difficult than you used to. Knee and hip problems are often associated with alignment and stability issues particularly during everyday activities. How you move can influence recovery and on-going nature of your pain. Through a series of movement lessons we will clarify connections in the body and cast some light on alignment and stability issues. Exercises for strength and stability will then make more sense and become more effective.

Back Classes – The Sense-Able BackInjured Back - Back exercises in the hydrotherapy pool Gold Coast

The spine is the central axis point for the whole body, connecting the upper and lower body. It transfers forces and it’s position at any given moment determines loading, efficiency and stability during everyday activities. In this class you will gain a greater awareness of how our spine moves, its alignment, your posture and stability. You will also learn how the spine moves in relation to your arms and legs during functional activities. When the whole body is integrated into action, the activation of core muscles, our ability to stabilise and move safely is enhanced.

You will learn techniques to relieve pain and how to improve mobility, strength and stability during your everyday activities.

Please note: we require minimum of 6 clients/class to run each class.