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Neuroaquatics™ is the approach that we have developed.

The word “Neuro” refers to the brain and nervous system, and “aquatics” of course, refers to water. So in essence, we are working with your brain in water.
We know that the brain and the nervous system are not static; they change depending on our thoughts and experiences. (neuroplasticity).
We also know that the whole of the body is represented in the brain (The Homunculus). This image of the body in the brain is created and maintained by thoughts, movement and sensory feedback from the body.
Often after an injury, or just through life’s experiences, there is a change in sensory and movement feedback, changing the body’s image in the brain.  This in turn, changes how we move and can lead to the development of habitual patterns of movement that may cause or prolong pain and dysfunction.
We believe that addressing movement patterning and enhancing an individual’s self-awareness and knowledge is the critical first stage of care.
Through hands on work and instruction, we guide clients through a series of gentle movements that are designed to feed very specific information back into the nervous system to help restore the body’s image in the brain.
This process of exploratory learning enables the individual to discover how to move with greater ease and efficiency.

When a person becomes more aware of how they move and organise themselves, then exercises for mobility, strength and stability are more effective.